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Wheel alignments are arguably the most important aspect of wheel and tire maintenance because properly aligned wheels help maintain your tires and promote safe, optimal driving performance. At ValleyPro Autohouse we have state-of-the-art wheel alignment equipment to perform thorough and precise wheel alignments to keep you driving smoothly and efficiently, getting more miles on your tires and more mileage per gallon. Read on for more info and make an alignment appointment today at our Kelowna auto repair shop!

What's Involved with a Wheel Alignment?

CWheel alignments help ensure your tires are angled correctly—level with the ground, pointing straight ahead, and parallel to each other—so they can maintain straight-line tracking on the road. Three angles promote proper wheel alignment. These are the toe, caster, and camber. Toe is the measure between your tires. Caster (or the angle of the steering pivot) permits the wheels to turn along with the steering wheel. Camber is the angle of the wheel, which should be perpendicular to the ground, while your tires should be in equal positions and parallel to one another.

Why Do I Need a Wheel Alignment?

Correct wheel alignment angles will help you maximize the life of your tires, and the handling of your vehicle will be considerably easier with less rolling resistance. On the other hand, misaligned wheels inevitably lead to poor tire performance and uneven tire tread wear. A four-wheel alignment is often the best way to prevent and avoid these issues, especially if you have a front-wheel drive vehicle. When you've recently been involved in a car crash, or you've hit a road obstruction (like a pothole or curb), it's definitely a good idea to get a wheel alignment, as wheels can become misaligned after an impact.

Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

There are several signs and symptoms that may tell you it's time for a wheel alignment. For example, if your vehicle is pulling strongly to one side, you likely need a wheel alignment. Another sign is uneven or abnormal tire wear. If you're experiencing either of these issues, give ValleyPro Autohouse a call. Our alignment experts will look at the condition of your wheels and tires to determine if a wheel alignment will benefit your vehicle. Likewise, if you haven't had a wheel alignment in some time (or if you've never had a wheel alignment since owning your vehicle), come on in! Our wheel alignment price is competitive, and our service is top-notch.


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